This is the ongoing saga of Ron's incredible adventures in Guatemala.

Hi.  My name is Ron Lyttle, and I have lived with my wife Debby in Gladstone, Oregon, USA, all our married life.  We have two grown children.  The adventure all started for me when my wife, a music teacher, asked me one day, "What would you think about going overseas to teach for a couple of years?"

Instead of an emphatic "NO WAY!" like she expected, I responded, "Let's do it."  After she picked herself up off the floor, she started serious inquiries, and after attending a job fair (where teachers and school reps get together and interview each other) in Vancouver B. C. and another larger one in Miami FL, she had a job offer.  The school is Colegio Maya, an American international school in Guatemala City, the capitol of Guatemala.  The job is teaching music to Pre-K to 12th grade, which she accepted.  The contract is for two years, renewable one year at a time.

Getting ready to go was hectic.  You can read about it here.

Here are a couple of "Before" and "After" pictures to give you a hint of the changes that have occurred.

To follow my ongoing adventures (with pictures where available), choose an episode, and stay tuned for further updates:

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Los Gozosos, an orphange for handicapped children.

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